Edibles and Dosages

Edible Dosages

Finding the appropriate edible dosage is important for a patient’s experience. Orally ingested cannabis is processed by the body in a different manner than smoke or vaporized cannabis. Through the digestive process and functions of the liver, orally ingested THC is converted to a cannabinoid form that is 5 times more potent than when smoked. Humboldt Patient Resource Center Cannabis Consultants would be happy to address your concerns and help you find the appropriate dosage of edibles for your medical needs.

Type of Dose

New User (Occasional)
Moderate Consumer (Weekly)
Heavy Consumer (Daily)

Onset of Effects:
Medicating with ingested cannabis can take up 30-90 minutes for effects to be felt. Patients should take a recommended dosage and wait until effects are present. Increasing dosages before effects are present could result in an undesirable effects.

Side Effects of Overmedicating With Cannabis Edibles
Drowsiness, Dry Mouth, Disassociation, Loss of Motor Skills, Increased Hunger, Appetite Suppression, Paranoia, Increased Anxiety, Rapid Heart Rate

Although the effects of edible cannabis can be overwhelming and last several hours in duration, effects will subside over time. Patients should medicate in a familiar safe setting and never operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery. Staying hydrated is very important to reduce the side effects of over-medicating. Edibles should be kept in a safe place away from pets and children. Please feel free to ask our Budtenders for a Cannabis Consulting session to help find appropriate dosages for your medical needs!

This information is solely to be used as information purposes and is not medical advice. Please contact your primary physician to discuss the use of edibles for your medical needs.

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